Management Consulting - Our Modules


You have ideas, but no time for further organisation and planning? Bizruptor successfully implements your ideas through tested methods, tools and creativity.


With the help of established and innovative instruments, we support you in developing or adapting your strategies. Our creativity and punch never lose sight of your long-term success.

Project Management

Professional project management ensures maximum transparency and control of your project. Aided by its experience and competence in methods, bizruptor makes sure to help you focus back on your core business.


Processes constitute the core of every company. Analysis of your target processes from a bird’s eye view gives us an insight into your potential for improvement. We offer your our process know-how starting from the setup to the integration right up to implementation.


Redirection and questioning of established structures are used to ensure flexibility and innovation. Together with you, we increase the performance of your organisation right from the hands on working of your processes up to the roll-out of the new organisational design – always with your existing company culture in focus.